Founder & first hand warrior

Here are a few pockets of light in what was a very challenging time.


Hi there, thank you for wanting to know a little more about me. Who am I? Well, I'm a mum of three, coffee fanatic, wanna be green thumb, lover of home renovation shows (Escape to the Chateau, The Block, Fixer Upper!!) and a passionate supporter of women going through surgery and cancer treatment.  

I first noticed symptoms like soreness that didn’t go away, a noticeable size difference in one of my breasts and extreme tiredness (not just working mum of 3 kind of tiredness, more of the “I’m not functioning” kind).



In September 2018 I was diagnosed with Invasive DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ) Breast Cancer consisting of 10 invasive tumours, I underwent a single mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiation, popping out the other end & walking out of hospital for the last time on my 44th birthday in 2019, to a beautiful morning tea organised by my lovely work colleagues. Five days later (and after 7 months of planning) on the 1st of August, 2019, I launched Love Your Warrior. Yes, I am a little nuts for doing it that way!​​  However, in doing so, it meant that I could trial a wide range of products and refine my own designs to make sure they were relevant and on-point  for each stage of a warrior’s experience. 


Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the candles and flowers I received because they let me know people were thinking of me (which was a massive boost to morale), but I couldn’t light the candles because the scent made me nauseous, and after a little while, the flowers would finish. What I found, is that I craved softness and to feel more like myself the most, which is why my products are made with as much softness in mind as possible and in a range of beautiful fabrics - so you can feel more like yourself in a world where nothing is familiar.



My LUXE SEATBELT PILLOW continued to add comfort during car travel after surgery, during chemo for my port-a-cath, and during radiation to protect my tender skin from rubbing against the seatbelt. 


My ARM & NECK SUPPORT PILLOW comforted my new surgery from the pressure of my arm and allowed my shoulder to relax, especially after lymph node removal, then again after radiation by protecting the tender skin from the pressure of my shoulder, then during 2021 with residual discomfort during sleep until I underwent another surgery for a completion of mastectomy.


and my STYLISH SURGICAL DRAIN BAG gave me independence, allowed me to be hands free, helped me safely store and manage the drains especially at night, and kept them out of view so I could easily go about my day (including school pick up) and relax when I had visitors because no one knew I had a drain).

Love Your Warrior offers lasting options of softness and comfort and is a very real way of making a difference to her day to day reality and help her feel more like herself.


Sonia xx
Founder/First Hand Warrior